Guide For Building Your First Mobile App

Guide For Building Your First Mobile App

All make use of mobiles as they have attached so much to our lifestyle. It is one of those innovations which is unavoidable from our mind. What do  you like the most in a mobile? Its user interface design or functionality or both. Well most of us love to play with the applications, either inbuilt or downloaded one’s. Both surfaces the features mentioned above.

While playing with the applications, how many of you have dreamt of creating your own app eventhough don’t have even the base  concepts of how to build it?  Certainly a lot!. Employees working as a mobile application developer would be having the expertise in the area but still building an app for the first time is a difficult task as they are not aware from where to begin.


Numerous number of apps are released into the market on a daily basis, yet majority of these technologies are not reaching the customers. Why is it so? To guarantee that it is coming before the eyes of the user’s, a different perspective have to be taken like, from a reputed company. ATMOB is one among them, is an android app development company in Thrissur and iOS app development company in Thrissur. One of our centre of attention is on building Iphone and Android app development which matches the needs and promoting them to reach the customers.

We not only hold the knowledge but would like to spread with the users too. So in this article stepwise guide on how our employees work to build a mobile app is mentioned below.

Purpose of Mobile App:

There is no use of starting the work without a perfect idea. Check some of the most popular apps, which must have built for a specific reason or functionality to be accomplished. So define a particular and permanent purpose for the app and try sketching out unique features which makes the best choice to achieve the goal.

Target The Traffic:

We meant audience by the term traffic. An app is made for the user’s, so you must have a clear cut idea of what they want. So approach them by any means either online or offline and get regular feedbacks and suggestions from them. Work on that and resolve the flaws immediately. This will give an impression on the customer.

Survey On Similar Apps:

While browsing google play store or apple store we will be able to see many applications have same purpose. So before starting, research on the same category of apps which are popular and scan their performances in terms of functionality, content, quality, usability and availability. If any features are found missing, better focus on developing it in your app to gain competitive advantage.

Develop A Prototype:

Try to develop the first version of the app by initially introducing the basic features and work on updations after receiving the first review. After prototyping, make a way for it to the market. Prototype will enable you to ship them at lower cost. Later on plan will come to your mind which helps to proceed with the new design concepts.

Design The App:

Design is one of the complicated part  where you have to give attention on the user interface and multiple features. Portray the idea on a piece of paper first, then picturize the abstract to make an outline of the app. An attempt to work on distinct platforms is well recommended. A good model will ensure usability of the app by the user.

Develop The App:

Following the design process, analyze a feasible development strategy with new features to make the app alive. Research on the web for striving ideas. Note that the development approach should be based on the requirement, time and budget of the company. Make use of the native apps which needs a lot of expertise but certainly ensures best user experience.

Market The App:  

Market the app as soon as the development phases are over. Even if you have shipped it once while developing the prototype, don’t stop just by that. This is one of the major mistake committed by the companies. So share it again and again with the help of different media’s till it reaches everyone in the globe.  

Reviews & Resolve:

Give priority to the customers for whom it is made. They will be able to notify the developers about the feedback through the app stores. Reviews are important to other user’s as well as the developers. Resolve it as soon as possible so that continuous acceptance of the app from the public can be maintained for a long period of time.


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