Everyone will wish for their mobile to be in good condition for very long with their privacy to be as private as possible. More people are spending hours in the phone because of its enhanced features for various purposes. So to be in top notch position you may need to remember these security application for your personal safety in a mobile.

Avast Antivirus & Security:

Avast is considered as one of the best mobile security softwares. It is available for free in google play, also on iTunes store and performs automatic scans of both internal as well as SD cards in a frequent manner. Also, it analyse all the apps before downloading to confirm it whether they are harmless. Call blocking feature allows to block unwanted calls and messages that interrupts you. The app locates your phone remotely, wipe the data and play an alert, in case the device is stolen.

Kaspersky Internet Security:

Abbreviated as KIS, Kaspersky Internet Security is best known for PC protection and has been awarded for its endless security provided. Notably, the same set of services are also furnished for mobile users against malware attacks. Phishing attacks can also be avoided with the help of its new feature and prevents hackers from stealing personal informations through illegal links in any form while you are surfing the internet.


Lookout app is fortunately available for both android as well as Iphone users. The app provide one of the best security protection against viruses in websites and apps, so that the personal informations are not compromised. It has a high prediction capacity to stop threats from infecting your mobile. Anti theft features along with location tracking can trace down your phone from any corner of the world. Also data backup can be accomplished using Lookout.

Last Pass Authenticator:

Nowadays people do have numerous accounts just for a single platform like facebook. In such a situation they may face difficulty to remember the passwords for the account logins. Here, the functionality of the Last Pass Authenticator comes into play. The app records all the passwords in an organised manner and ensure that they are stored in its database so that you can opt for easy renewal as and when required. Master password feature asks for a 6 digit code at each time of login, ensuring that no one can check in to see your information.

360 Security:

360 Security app is quite different from the other apps that we have discussed above. The application which is available for free for both android and iOS users in the respective app store. This application utilises data management feature to compress the photos and videos present in your mobile, thereby detaching the duplicate contents to save space to boost the device. Notably, a free battery diagnosis is also performed through its power saving features.


In this digital world, many of us are getting trapped by illegal hands by accessing unsecured wifi networks which are available for public use. SaferVPN keeps such insecurities at bay by allowing you to browse the internet with 256 bit encryption technology in networks which are not secured, so that your personal data is shielded from not getting compromised in the hands of invaders. Furthermore, SaferVPN also offers discounts on travel bookings and allow you to access favourite contents from the internet.

Mobile application development companies are focussing on forwarding such new innovative ideas to the world of mobiles. Trackiee is such one app delivered successfully by ATEES, an Android development company in Thrissur, which allows the user to track the lost mobile even if you have not powered on the GPS by sending text commands from any mobile. The app is available for free in google play store and can be an ultimate companion in case of theft too.

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