Simple Steps To Take Care of the Smartphone

Simple Steps To Take Care of the Smartphone

It is hard to find a person without a smartphone. Now we can see people from all backgrounds are owning at least one of these items with them. Smile may come at one’s face if a fact is revealed that even people begging on the streets are holding one of these innovations having best features in every manner!

This mean that smartphones are much affordable than the beginning stage. More attributes with less cost started ruling the future.But consider the quality and features before buying any device and don’t fall into any trap by just looking at the budget.

Buying one, is easy but proper maintenance tasks are to be taken into account for a long term guarantee. Complaints are usual in today’s smartphone. So before taking it into a service centre and spending a lot on the recovery mode, there are some steps that can be followed on a daily basis to give a amazing validity for the device.

 Battery Life:

This is the main issue with the majority of the smartphone user’s. Sometimes you may be not using it very often but the screen shows the decrease in battery percentage. To maintain a stable descend, here are some important tips. It is merely depend on the brightness of the screen, so control it from the settings menu. But on a power saving mode when not in use and close unnecessary applications from running in the background.


Keep it Cool:

Keeping the CPU hot will drain the power faster than at a normal degree. Heat is the main enemy of battery. A study has revealed that  degradation is dependant on the level of temperature at which battery stays. An average lithium ion battery will lose 6% of the overall charge when the temperature is at 32 degree fahrenheit. At 77 degrees, it escalates to 20% and 35% in 104 degree fahrenheit. Avoid placing the phone exposed to sunlight or at spots having above normal temp.                           

Phone Plugged In:

There are some of the things to keep in mind when you keep the phone for charging. It is not a good practice to plug in and out every one hour. Keep an eye on the battery percentage during the process. Note that don’t overcharge the phone as it will drastically reduces the power holding capacity of the phone. Once it has reached the maximum level of 100% quickly unplug it before the CPU gets overheated. You may see a good power holding capability after performing this action.


Screen Guards:

The screen is what we call “Display” in smartphone language. It is the portion which is more vulnerable to scratches. They may occur because of a touch by finger nails, or any sharp objects. Buy a screen guard for your phone. Ensure that the item is of standard quality as many are currently in market selling low standard rubberized material. Keep the phone in a safe place away from corner or at the tip. A good pouch is also recommended.

Avoid Wireless Charging:  

Wireless charging is a new technology brought to the world of smartphones so that you can keep the device nearby without any physical contact with the outlet. But it has disadvantages too. A typical plug in mode using bluetooth will generate  lot of heat to the surroundings than a normal charger connected to the plug. As mentioned above heat will consistently lowers the battery life. It is advised to keep a standard connectable one.


Privacy Protection:

A space for privacy is what everyone wishes for. Well the privacy can be secured within the phone too. Some of them includes backing up the data on any other device like laptop or external hard drives. Remember to keep a password protection for the phone so that no misuse will take place. Notably download apps from trusted sources only. Intruders are waiting out there to catch sensitive  informations from the user’s.

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