Best Web Browsers For iPhone

Best Web Browsers For iPhone

Any Apple made iPhone users here? Here is a blog for you people! The tech giants has always gained gratification after being successful in making rich ecosystem of apps that target people’s attention on the operating system. One of the most mandatory thing for these mobile users is the web  browser only through which the world of internet can be accessed.

Apple has went through a long way since its inception in developing web browsers that delivers enhanced browsing experience to the users. They have brought birth to a lot of them with motives differentiating in each one of them like speed, simplicity, customizability. privacy etc. Here are the top web browsers every iPhone user must use.

Google Chrome:

                                        Chrome is considered as one of the best browser for PC since its launch in the desktop version in 2008. The app enables you to sync all data and tabs across multiple devices, if you are signed in with iCloud account. A translator tab is also available in them, making it easier for the user to read the contents written in unknown languages in their native slang. Voice search is another in built feature through which anything can be searched with the help of voice, making it touch free.

Mozilla Firefox:

                                      Mozilla was introduced to the list of apps much before the incoming of Chrome. Same set of features including instant syncing of passwords, bookmarks, tabs etc, across different devices are also available in Firefox too. Almost all the goodness offered in the desktop version stands live in the iOS smartphones too. Some tricks like sharing a link from Safari to Firefox, extra security for safe login using Touch ID, an inbuilt reader view to see your contents in a read mode etc, are also featured.

Opera Mini:

                                       Opera Mini is one of the browsers most loved by users worldwide. A feature named Opera Turbo compresses the data of a website into as low as 50 % of its original size. A similar feature named Opera compression mode which minimizes the volume of a site by 10%. It can break the page structure, but is beneficial for users having low internet connection speed. As in the above two browsers, syncing of data can be done using an Opera account. Fabulous themes, night mode, speed dial that allows easy navigability across different tabs in a 3D arrangement, QR scanner etc, lets the users love this browser.


                       Safari in an iOS device furnishes some of the best features to the user. iCloud keychain stores & sync all datas related to your account and reduces the headache of typing the password all the time. Again, the credentials are secured using the Touch ID of the device. Reader mode makes you hassle free to read the cluttered contents. The browser is built aimed at satisfying all the design guidelines of Apple. All basic browsing features including the fancy one is one of a kind only found in Safari browser.  

Dolphin Browser:

                                          Android users must be familiar about this browser as it was the first browser to bring gesture based navigation. iOS has made the application with a lot more feature rich characteristics, one of them being the headline gesture which allows you to draw to navigate to a specific website or to access its features. In built QR code, night mode, ad blocking, security with Touch ID etc are some of the other alluring features. On paid services, a feature known as Dolphin Sonar enables to search, share and navigate by shaking the phone.

Privacy Based iPhone Browsers:

                                                                    Brave browser and Ghostery browser are two of top famed browsers which mainly centres its attention on the privacy portion. The former one allows HTTP’s everywhere, delivering secure connection allover by hindering phishing attacks, block trackers, scripts etc. The latter application is lightweight which blocks the attackers from tracking any kind of valuable information everywhere within the application.  

TOR Based iPhone Browsers:

                                                               Abbreviated from “The Onion Routing”, the term is based for eliminating criminal activities by preventing anyone from analysing the traffic flow to & fro in your online activities. VPN browser, routes all the website data into the Tor network and hides the IP addresses so that no one can track the status. Onion browser is yet another one utilising the Tor network to relay on the traffic to add extra layer of privacy.


                      The article has reached to a conclusion that clearly defines that iPhones too have no scarce in web browsers as in Android. iPhone App development in Thrissur furnishes browsers that focusses on featured customization, speed, simplicity and those with privacy protection for the iPhone users. Comment on your choice of browser in the comments section below, as the selection of application is based on personal preference which will vary from people.

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