Top Free Offline Games For Iphone Users

Top Free Offline Games For Iphone Users

In our previous blogs we had a chat regarding the top web browsers that can be used in an Iphone. Well, the next topic stands for them for those who have craze towards playing games. The platform offers the best pitch to play numerous yet encouraging entertainments as these devices can support high capacity informations in its RAM than Android.

Of course the Iphone is the perfect platform for playing free games at top notch quality and without any breakups or hangs in between. However there is an issue that stands still for the users against their amusement activity. Free games release frequently in the app store but 90% of them needs an active internet connection to play live, mainly for the multiplayer games. The rest 10% of the free offline games still exists and we present before you some of them so that money need not be spent for data usage during your leisure times.

Plants vs Zombies 2:

Plants vs Zombies 2 is one of the best games offering gorgeous gameplay, exciting graphics etc, which makes it tough for you to stay on play for long time. This offline  game can be said to be a defensive one in which player have to aim to safeguard against zombies.

Angry Birds 2:

Few years before, the original Angry Birds was one of the most  famed and favourite games of the players out their. A new version named Angry Birds 2 has been introduced for the Iphone users with mixed up features of both the versions. The new genre of the game can be played perfectly in the offline mode than the previous one.

Asphalt 8: Airborne:

Being one of the best amusement for speed lovers, Asphalt 8: Airborne is a car racing game where a lot of vehicles can be chosen from the lot to run in the most astonishing locations. A good easy to use gameplay and stunning graphics makes an experience much like a reality for the racers in the track.

Shadow Fight 2:

If you are an action gamer, Shadow Fight 2 is a good option. This offline game is an ideal for a person who loves list of games with combat genre. Your role will be as a shadow ninja who fights against evil with a wide variety of weapons, martial arts and magic powers. The graphics will be like a comic book design which offers a change to the players.

Crossy Roads:

It is a simple yet sophisticated game of play where you have to role as a character out of the many trying to cross the rivers and roads complete with deadly barriers on the path to finish. Crossy Roads is a perfect for adventure lovers and can be played with 0 % data consuming in the background.


This offline game is a simple one but difficult to excel to the victory. Already, many of its users knows about the many clones it supports. The aim that have to accomplish here is to join the numbers, move and merge two tiles by touching the same number till you reach 2048!

Temple Run 2:

Temple Run 2 is a game of infinite race where you have to run through a dense forest full of barriers on the path through which the race leads. The high graphics produced creates addiction to the players and hours of entertainment without boredom.

Flow Free:

Flow Free is a puzzle game which tests the patience of the players. Here you have to connect dots of same color together inside a grid containing square boxes. Eventhough the act seems simple on hearing, it will be quite tough to get through when it comes to real play in the long run.


Certainly we have missed out number of other games, which might be your favourite since it is difficult to include all of them in this blog. Game lovers will get assurance to play the above mentioned free games during the leisure hours with zero percentage data!, really is a big thing. Let us play a small game here. Comment your favourite offline games here down in the comment section so that the rest of the readers can get a better understanding about the remaining offline games not included in the above list.  

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