Mobile Marketing Strategies For 2017

Mobile Marketing Strategies For 2017

Mobiles are gaining popularity among the millions of people nowadays as it has become an integral part of their life without which a condition will come where no one can survive. Trends in mobile technologies are growing in such a manner because this device helps in accomplishing the day to day task of the user’s.

Online shoppings are one among them in the list. As theses devices are handy and meet the needs appropriately, everything which was once done from laptops or personal computers are being switched to smartphones and tablet to retrieve informations.

In simple words digital marketing is a process of buying and selling goods through electronic means and large number of people are on this path to meet their livelihood. But competition is tough everywhere even after making use of the best tactics to achieve it.

Currently mobiles have become the backbone of the digital marketing field as  people have started utilizing mobile apps for every business. The aim is to target a set of audience who are in need of that services and bring them from where they stay to reach your bag.

A user looks at his mobile on an average of 150 times a day. Taking this is an advantage, marketing through mobiles can be quite effective. But to become successful there are certain strategies and steps you need to follow and remain fortunate in the field.

  • Make sure that your website to which, the consumer is targeted works smoothly and continuously without any delay in all the devices like smartphones, tablets and desktops. WordPress websites are suitable for handling pages in smartphones as they are designed in an mobile friendly manner. It helps to display the sites in a much conventional way.
  • Mixing promotions and offers and giving it to the public will definitely boost the number of audience coming to the business. Studies revealed that 96 % of the people made use of the coupons. Because smartphones are able to support multiple media’s, vouchers can be sent or received in the form of image, video or link. Savings from the deals held this way has proved to be 10 times more effective than that of newspaper ads.
  • Social media’s are becoming popular among all the age groups. Visitors spending time here will be able to share and spread your business to better people. Remember to go omnichannel in this strategy because it is not advised to stay in a single  platform. Start with one, then try for multiple spaces later because no one can say which will be fortunate for your business.   
  • Sms marketing is another strategy to make the customers aware that you exists. It is simple and one of the most functional way to stay connected with them. Contact and collect their mobile number first, then with proper consent from them send periodical updates about the business. Bulk messaging is a similar strategy but with a difference that the latter is used to communicate with huge number of consumers.
  • Payments are now done online by majority of the people, even if it is for shopping, recharge, bill payment etc. So understand the trend of the user and plan to put a step ahead of them. Either create apps for the business with payment gateways on all platforms or get permission from giants like paytm to include your brand name in their remittance application so that user’s can utilize any of them. However the former idea is recommended.
  • Make use of practical implementations of machine learning in mobile marketing too. Avail advantage of the analytical tools for collecting predictive informations and discover patterns from a huge list of databases. AI increases estimation capability in the future for marketing needs and you may act accordingly. Also a brand new experience across all social media’s can be noted.  
  • Mobile Search ads are a bit old technique, yet it is equally strong as a strategy. A study says that in 2016, it has gained 50% of the money from digital searches. This means that the equivalent percentage of people used their mobile phones to click the ads which comes as popups in the midst of searching a website. Tech giants like facebook, google, linkedin would reward you for each tap by others on them which also enables to come up in the rankings in the SERPs.

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