Ways to Track Your Lost Android Mobile

Ways to Track Your Lost Android Mobile

Have you been through situation where you were tensed after you came to know that you have missed your android ? Certainly it is one of the most awful moments in your life ever. You must be worried about all the personal informations that might go to the  wrong hands and this itself can take away half of your life. Are you aware that your android can be traced even if it is miles away from us? Here we provide you with some tips that can be an escort during the device search.


  • Android Device Manager :

                                                      ADM is a free kit provided by tech giant Google, which helps to locate, ring and erase your device remotely from anywhere on a map if you have a permanent google account linked to your device. Kindly note that your device has access to a fast internet connection and can be traced  from any device (android, tablet or desktop). Besides these feature,  an option to yell at full volume, erase and lock the mobile prior to any misuse action is also available.


  • Google Map Location History:

                                                           Again powered by the same technical innovators, this allows you to track the mobile even if the internet is inaccessible on the device but ensure that the location reporting and history is turned on. Current time should be set right on the device else it may look for the wrong location on the map.Unfortunately this idea cannot be implemented if the phone is switched off or in case the battery has died.   


  • Trackiee:

                              It is a user friendly and versatile app and can be a perfect companion in case of lost android device to prevent misuse. The user has to  make use of sms services to send a command to your missing number and  has unique commands for each feature in the format “passcode@command”. All new UI is compatible over all platforms in the market. Sim change alert, block IMEI, factory reset and erasing the whole of the data upon losing are some of the stunning anti theft feature it owns.


  • AirDroid:

                             An AirDroid account is to be created where you can upload important documents like photos, audios, videos etc so that you can make sure you have an extra layer of security over your missing phone. This app is way too helpful when you don’t  have a duplicate of the important files. It acts like a cloud service which can be operated remotely. Both front and rear camera can be initiated to identify the location of the phone.
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