Pick The Best From iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus And iPhone X

Pick The Best From iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus And iPhone X

Apple has launched 3 brand new iPhones in 2017 – iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and  iPhone X. The first two devices has come out with inception of faster processor and better cameras furnished with augmented reality technology. The X model has stunned the users with the introduction of OLED display. Other features include the elimination of the home button for the first time in Apple’s history, intro of Face ID to unlock the phone and much more.

Since these 3 releases hitting the public in a few days, you may have to decide on which one is your best bet. Also there may have to take  a chance or risk on which model have to be selected for receiving the top performance for the device in terms of innovative creations, usability, battery durability etc. Here we are publishing a content on the reason behind why the trio is better to buy and why not.

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Why Buy iPhone 8 ?

iPhone 8 is the initiator to introduce wireless charging technology to the device. Also instead of aluminium case as in the previous year’s phone, this time it has come up with a glass cover which also enables you to charge up wirelessly. It is powered by A11 Bionic processor, claimed to be faster than any other pre models. The model is clinched with AR technology ideal for developers to create apps and games.

If you are focussing on taking snaps more, 8 series is a suitable choice having 12MP front camera with powerful sensors. It is inbuilt with optical image stabilisation and can record a 4k video with ease. The True Tone display is best suited to adjust the lightning conditions of the environment. The phone is comparatively easy to use than the 8 Plus but reported to be much expensive too.

Why Not Buy iPhone 8 ?

iPhone 8 has a single rear camera and hasn’t have the portrait lightning feature which is new emergent technologies in cameras. The display size is of 4.7 inches in length resulting in lower resolution of 1334×750, lesser than other two models. If you are interested in watching movies or videos in a big screen, cancel this model from your mind.

Why Buy iPhone 8 Plus ?

The model has got the best A11 Bionic processor, wireless charging feature with Air Pads, new portrait lightning effects which delivers the top sensors and True Tone Display on a 5.5 inch screen. Virtual home button and the Touch ID to unlock the phone is really a big update. Moreover the battery durability stands out from rest two.

Why Not Buy iPhone 8 Plus ?

iPhone 8 Plus is a big plus in terms of screen suitability compared to Samsung, LG, Essential and latest being the Apple iPhone X. Other members in the list are handy but the 8 Plus with its massive size becomes difficult to handle. Eventhough, 5.5-inch 1080p LCD provides the best color accuracy it would be difficult to be as eye catchy as iPhone X with OLED screen.

Why Buy iPhone X ?

5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED screen captivates the eyes of the user along with stainless steel frame displays an awesome design, When compared iPhone 8, the X series has a bigger viewing area but it is pulled behind when compared to iPhone 8 Plus which is felt to be much handier. The display will support HDR video for best user experience.

With the help of Face ID technology, the users will be able to unlock the phone by recognizing facial characteristics even in a completely dark place. Animojis to mimic the emotions on the face and Portrait Mode camera for impressive lightning are other inbuilt features. Both cameras have a optical image stabilisation to capture in dark but in 8 Plus only rear camera does that function.

Why Not Buy iPhone X ?

The X series is considered to be the most expensive model in the history of iPhone. The lack of home button and Touch ID feature will make the user glimpse at the screen every time the screen is to be unlocked. Also, this incompleteness in the option will result in difficulty to perform various multiple operations within the menu. Notably, you may have to wait a bit longer to receive the smartphone and is expected to hit the market only by November this year.

So What’s Common In The Trio ?

The trio is having numerous features in common – an A11 Bionic processor, primary 12 MP camera, 7MP selfie camera, 4k video recording capability, faster wireless charging facility, glass case considered to be the hardest one ever, IP67 water and dust resistant, a balancing screen brightening option, 3D touch, a 64 GB or 256 GB variant storage option etc along with the other basic characteristic initially inbuilt in an iPhone.

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